We use fjordinger (Norwegian Fjord Horses) to pull our sleighs.

They are an old, traditional breed of horses known for their exceptionally steady, low-stress personality.

Pictured here is Fjellblom (say «Fyell-bloom»), which is Norwegian for «mountain flower».

Fjellblom is 12 years old and unbelievably calm… and simply loves petting and attention!

Rudsmor Råssar

This is Rudsmor Råssar. None of us really know how to pronounce it in English, but what we can say is that he is a real gentleman


Lucky is the son of Cookie, he is an American Paint horse born 05/2018.

Lucky is unbelievable calm, just like his mother. He loves cuddles and attention.


Cookie is an American paint horse, born 05/2012. 154cm tall.

She is our ‘’go to’’ horse when we are going to work on cattle. She puts here ears straight back and the cattle knows that she means business.

She can be a little stubborn from the ground, but as soon as you are in the saddle, you are the boss


Fancy is an American Paint horse, born 06/2014. 159 cm tall. She is a lady with an attitude.

But when you gain here trust, you could ride through Valhalla without hesitation.


Herkules is a Norwegian Fjord horse, born 05/2014.

He both loves to pull the sleigh, and ride in the woods. He is tall compared to other fjord horses, reaching 150 cm above ground


Leo is an American quarter horse, born 05/2011.

He is one of those good guys who does everything you ask of him, loves cuddles, and fits for both beginners and experts